Friday, July 25, 2014

Top Ten Weekend - Ten Places I've Been

Welcome to Write On's Weekend Top Ten! Just recently, I wrote a guest post for a fellow North Dakota blogger's website in which I talked about 5 places in North Dakota I've never been. Some of my friends and family were absolutely shocked to discover I've never been to the Medora Musical! What makes it a little more comical is that while I've never been to some great spots in North Dakota, I have managed to travel to some pretty cool places outside of the state!

Here are the Top Ten Places I've Been (outside of North Dakota):
Image Source via Flickr Mr. Nixter

#10 Washington D.C  While in college, I had the opportunity to attend a national convention of a sorority with which I was involved. One year, the convention was held in our nation's capital. It was a great opportunity to ride the metro for the first time ever,  see the White House and the Washington National Monument.

#9 Dallas/Fort Worth This is another place I was able to go to during my college days. I along with nine other young ladies took a tour of the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.

#8 Raleigh/Durham I was blessed to be able to live first in Raleigh when I moved down there with my sister years ago and then in Durham by myself after she went and got married! Some of my greatest and most exciting experiences as a Christian took place at Faith Assembly Christian Center (FACC) led by the late Bishop Leroy McKenzie. 

#7 Myrtle Beach, SC While living in North Carolina, my mom and two aunts flew down to see us and together we road-tripped to Myrtle Beach where my mom's cousin's friend had a home right on the beach. It was October so we pretty much had the beach to ourselves!

#6 Disney World/Atlantic Ocean Another place I got to go to while in college when my roommate's boyfriend at the time won a trip for four to Disney World. I got to tag along with them and my roomie's brother. We had a great time swimming in the ocean and cruising to Sarasota in a convertible.

#5 San Jose, CA/Pacific Ocean I traveled to the opposite side of the country and saw the Pacific Ocean when my younger brother participated in a wedding. Five of us made the trip in my little Dodge Neon and even drove through Yellowstone National Park on our way back which was an added bonus!

#4 Mackinac Bridge, Michigan My husband and I have crossed this 5-mile long bridge that connects the Upper and Lower peninsulas of Michigan on our way to and from his parents' home in Ontario. We even spent our First New Year's Eve together in Mackinaw City after spending Christmas in Canada.
Going across the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan
#3 Niagra Falls What more is there to say about Niagra Falls other than WOW! I went there with my husband in the winter - on the Canadian side of course! They had a beautiful light show over the Falls for the Christmas season.

#2 Glacier National Park My husband and I honeymooned in Mountain View, Alberta which is right across the border from Glacier National Park - it was simply breathtaking to drive through. 

#1 Toronto, Ontario This huge city of 2.5 million people is my husband's hometown. I may as well add Mississauga right here since it is the neighboring city to Toronto where my mother and father-in-law live. We have flown and driven the 1,800 miles to get there. I really wish it was closer so we could be nearer to my Canadian family.
Of course the best thing about going to Toronto is hanging out with family!
 I'm curious to know what your top ten list for places you've been looks like! Is there any place you would love to go but haven't had the opportunity? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!