Pro-Life Articles:

Fetal Rights - Protecting the Unborn In this day and age everyone is fighting for the rights of people of all walks of life - rights for illegal immigrants, rights for gays, lesbians and trans-genders, rights for women, rights for the elderly, rights for the disabled, the list goes on and on. READ MORE

North Dakota Becomes First State to Protect Special Needs Babies in the Womb One of the bills passed and signed by Governor Jack Dalrymple is very near and dear to my heart - not because it protects unborn babies but it goes further than that. This bill prevents the discrimination of a baby in the womb due to their sex or a genetic abnormality. In other words, it helps protect special needs babies still in the womb. READ MORE

How Pro-Life is Your State? January 22, 2014 marked the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion in this country. As a result, over 50 million babies have lost their lives to abortion. Even though abortion remains legal, there are states in this country who haven taken action to pass laws and set up strict regulations to protect life from conception to its end. READ MORE

Aborting Down Syndrome Babies 90% of all babies with Down Syndrome are aborted. When asked the question, "would you abort a baby with down syndrome?" some people have answered with the following: READ MORE

Abby Johnson - From Planned Parenthood Director to Pro-Life Champion Abby Johnson grew up in a loving, Christian home in a small town in Texas. Those in her family and church were staunchly pro-life and even though Abby said she was as well, it wasn't something she thought about very often. She said the emphasis was always put on abstinence and she figured as long as she stayed abstinent, she would never have to think about having an abortion. READ MORE

Standing for Life in the Midst of Roe v Wade January 22, 2014 marks the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion in this country. During the week of this anniversary, several pro-life people gather together to reflect on the 50 million babies whose lives were ended inside their mother's womb since 1973. READ MORE

Things I Don't Understand About Abortion - October 4, 2009 marked Respect for Life Sunday for the Catholic Church. Although I am not Catholic, I am a Christian. And as a Christian I believe I am to respect all life. ALL life includes unborn babies. So it was on this particular day, Respect for Life Sunday, that my husband and I were watching an old episode of ER. READ MORE

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